Announcing Kuizto: Your New Go‑To Cooking App for Everyday Inspiration

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🥦🍄🥔🥕 Meet Kuizto, the first cooking app that blends intuitive discovery and cuisine together!

Deciding what to cook every day can feel like a never‑ending loop.

You wade through countless ads and clunky interfaces for meal ideas, look for easy recipes that don’t demand culinary school expertise, and then find you’re short of an ingredient just when you’re ready to start. Yes, the struggle is real!

That’s precisely where Kuizto comes in, offering an experience that’s refreshingly different — something better.

You might be thinking, “Another cooking app?“.

Let’s skip the usual spiel; here’s how Kuizto (a playful take on ‘chef’ in casual French!) is setting the table apart:

  • First of all, zero ads! Enjoy a beautifully crafted interface that makes daily use a breeze.
  • Like scrolling through Netflix, you’ll be able to explore truly simple recipes in a visual way, tailored to your tastes.
  • Not only do we handpick great recipes, but so can other users! Get inspiration from your friends, or other food enthusiasts.
  • Imagine Spotify playlists but for your go‑to recipes. Save ideas from anyone, mix them up, and whip up dinner in a snap!
  • Of course, you can search recipes by name or by listing ingredients you might have on hand or in your fridge.
  • Last but not least, forget about the hassle of grocery lists and meal planning. We’re ditching rigid schedules for a flexible, fun approach.

Intrigued? Here’s How and When you can dive in.

Good things take time to simmer. We’re cooking up our beta version for April 2024, giving us opportunity to polish the app and curate a delectable selection of recipes.

In the meantime, you can already visit our newly launched website at to get a glimpse of the savory experience that awaits!

But there’s more — our exclusive pre‑launch offer!

Spice up the wait with our pre‑launch deal: $79 for LIFETIME access.

This one‑time offer gives you full access to Kuizto at launch, a steal compared to the future monthly price of $13.

$79 lifetime offer banner

Availability is limited, so if you’re ready to level up your daily cooking, head over to our kuizto pre‑launch deal now to secure your spot.

Keep an eye on our blog for more updates!

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